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Integrated urban revitalisation _Montreal-North - Recognition Award in environment and sustainable development of Montreal



City of Montreal, Montreal-North Borough


  • Démarche-action RUI, Montréal-Nord en santé
  • Quartiers 21

Awards& mentions

Recognition Award in environment and sustainable development of Montreal (Mtl Environment Council -_CRE)

Award for Municipal Merit, Municipalities and Sustainable Development category (Quebec Union of Municipalities - UMQ)

Environmental and sustainable benefits

  • Sustainable stormwater management
  • Increased biodiversity
  • Increased biomass
  • Heat island mitigation
  • Sustainable materials
  • Social responsibility
  • Health and well-being

Project Neighbourhood 21 for integrated urban revitalisation.

The project consist in a commercial revitalisation and greening of Pascal and Del Sol public spaces in order to rejuvenate a neglected neighbourhood into a green and sustainable neighbourhood.

Developed within the Neighbourhood 21 Program established by the City of Montreal, Public Health Council and the Montreal Agency for Health and Social services, this project of greening and redesign of a commercial area helps generate a sense of home for local citizens. The main objectives of the project are to define a welcoming, inviting and safe environment and implant an attractive commercial area.

This initiative create a gathering place for residents and eliminates some conflictual situations between pedestrians, cyclists and cars.