Le Groupe Rousseau Lefebvre

Champ-de-Mars Design Competition _ Montreal



City of Montreal

Environmental and sustainable benefits

  • Protection of natural habitats
  • Sustainable stormwater management
  • Creation of ecosystems and green corridors
  • Increased biodiversity
  • Increased biomass
  • Heat island mitigation
  • Social responsibility
  • Health and well-being

The expected covering of the Ville-Marie highway allows us to imagine reweaving the urban fabric. Our proposal highlights the history, music and the visual arts.

Two axis guide the design. The multicolored north-south axis, runs over the founding axis of the city, home for the multiples ethnic communities who, over centuries, forged Montreal’s identity. The East-West axis is dedicated to the reconnection of the tissue and cultural expressions, proposed on the public spaces and buildings, will be the curative curtain.

In that regard, the space surrounding the subway station would honor Marcelle Ferron’s artistic style. A ribbon of stone and glass weaves its way to City Hall and underlines the old underground infrastructures. The creek, the dominating feature, is defined by a grand steel frame that supports a waterwall dedicated to the projection of the large stained glass mural of the statione.