Le Groupe Rousseau Lefebvre

Interior Gardens-Carrefour Laval



Corporation Cadillac Fairview

Environmental and sustainable benefits

  • Social responsability
  • Health and well-being

This garden located underneath an ovoid glass roof is surrounded by commercial vitrines. Our proposal was to define this space as an outdoor public place where visitors would sit and relax. In collaboration with the different partners, we design this space to create the ambiance of an urban square and created different spaces within the square.

A flower kiosk and a café generate the on-site animation of this space which host several events, even some outside business hours like fashion shows.

  • La structure des bacs de plantation et des fontaines est versatile et permet de modifier le site
  • The plantation furniture and fountains are versatile and flexible so the site configuration can be modified Partnership with local producers for plant renewing
  • A mix of outdoor and indoor plants for a higher tones of colours