Le Groupe Rousseau Lefebvre

Carrefour Laval

2001 - current


Cadillac Fairview Corporation

Awards & mentions

Dunamis Award, CCIL

Environmental and sustainable benefits

  • Increased biodiversity
  • Increased biomass
  • Heat island mitigation
  • Social responsibility
  • Health and well-being
  • Quicker approvals time for permits (MELCC, etc.)

The Corporation mandated our team to elaborate a masterplan for this shopping mall outdoor spaces.

An in-depth analysis of the existing vegetation, site furnishing, parking and circulations allows us to establish a 10 year-long intervention plan that will strategically and progressively improve the quality of the spaces. The mall entrances were prioritized and our design focused on creating efficient and esthetic through planting, path hierarchy and a revised parking layout.

The applied sustainable development approach was put forward to exceed the city regulations and year after year, improve the image of this shopping mall in the public opinion.