Le Groupe Rousseau Lefebvre

Applied Sustainable Development

Applied Sustainable Development

Groupe Rousseau Lefebvre’s mission is finding practical applications of sustainable development in landscape, urban planning, and land use projects. We distinguish ourselves by our commitment to link urban design to environmental, economic, social and cultural interests.

Leaders in Applied Sustainable Development, we constantly improve and innovate to achieve our goal; creating visionary and original projects:

  • Accredited in R&D for several years
  • LEED certification / design
  • SITES certification / design
  • Former member of the Board of the Quebec Society of Phytotechnology
  • Designers of the first eco-centers in Quebec
  • First design firm to earn a “Phenix of the environment” for the creation of an ecosystem
  • Instructors and lecturers of the new sustainable approach to stormwater management of the MELCC
  • Initiators of the eco-citizenship concept in the design of schoolyards
  • Authors of several reference books for, among others, the CMHC, the MELCC, the City of Quebec
Optimisation écoresponsable


Today, we are helping site managers to create, develop and manage infrastructures in a sustainable way. We go beyond firsthand economic considerations of construction; we integrate within the equation; the value of ecosystem services, the economic benefits of an environmental image and the lifespan of the equipment put in place. We offer monitoring services that measure the environmental impact of our actions in order to provide to our customers a clear picture of all the benefits of their project.

Sustainable development is more than just the choice of environmentally friendly materials. It is a multi-criteria approach to planning, more profitable in the mid and long-term and beneficial to the whole community. After nearly 30 years, our desire and ability to create sustainable projects not only remains strong, but is growing every day through research and interactions with a wide range of satisfied clients.


In order to accompany the RCMs of Quebec in carrying out the Regional Plans on Wetlands and Bodies of Water (RPWBW), an obligation of the Act respecting the conservation of wetlands and bodies of water, Essor Environnement is joining forces with the Groupe Rousseau Lefebvre to offer a specialized, adapted and complete service.

Two complementary firms, one vision: Achieve the conservation objectives of the WBW, while preserving the territory's development capabilities and future needs.

With over 30 years of experience, the multidisciplinary team assigned to the service specializes in the development, characterization, management, restoration and creation of wetlands. As the architect of a remarkable number of regional and local development projects, we attach particular importance to dialogue, public consultation and the integration of all the parties involved. Over the years, our members have acquired a wealth of experience within the Quebec’s Watershed Organization Network, Regional Environmental Councils and various non-profit organizations in the agricultural and environmental world.

Two options are offered to the RCMs:

• A complete planning service

• A pay-as-you-go package tailored to your needs.

Consult the pamphlet to find the details of the services offered available online at www.prmhh.com.

Our Expertise

All our projects are designed with respect for the environment, favoring a mixed-use development and a sense of ownership by the communities, regardless of the type of project. We explored and developed several complementary aspects to our practice. This allows us to improve beyond the standard practices and ensure sustainability while reducing the costs of intervention.

gestion des eaux pluviales


  • Leaders in Quebec in this area, we are regularly called upon to share our knowledge (publications, symposia, conferences, etc.)
  • We act as consultants for several private and public clients
  • Complete stormwater management within the site boundaries, Zero water emission to the city infrastructure network
  • Best management practice for stormwater (BMP)
  • Retention basins, filtering marshes, bioretention, rain gardens, bioswales, etc


  • Strongly involved in the Quebec Society of Phytotechnology, we participate in the development of new techniques and a common vocabulary
  • Use of plant science for brownfield rehabilitation
  • Land reclamation
  • Vegetation use in slope stabilisation of embankments and shorelines
  • Green roofs
écosystèmes urbains


  • Active research and development program to favor the survival of ecosystems within the urban context
  • Xeriscaping
  • Creation of maintenance-free ecosystems
  • Creation or restoration of wildlife habitats
responsabilité sociale


  • The firm associates have always been involved in various trustworthy organizations that can improve the lives of communities and the environment
  • Working with the community through collaboration and dialogue
  • Public consultations, presentations and workshops with citizens
matériaux durables


  • Projects and constructions using the most sustainable materials and building techniques
  • Local and sustainable materials
  • Life cycle evaluation of materials
  • Environmental cost of a project through a global perspective